A Slippery Drive Home


On our way home from the No Frills HUGE dollar sale.. in a snow storm.. with bald tires.. 

Me: we should have taken my car

Brian: hun, we’ll be fine, we made it there, we’ll make it home

Me: it’s snowing worse now and you’ve slid 17 hundred times

Brian: I’m a pro driver hun, pro

Me: why does a pro driver have bald tires?

Brian: did you see that guy in the grocery store?

Me: the one I gave the dirty look to that you said you knew and didn’t like?

Brian: yah, in the camo jacket with green pants

Me: NO! you said you didn’t like the one in ALL camo!

Brian: no hun, I don’t know the guy in ALL camo!

Me; WHAT! I was giving stink eye to “all camo” and you don’t even know him?

Brian: nope

Me: you told me you knew him! I asked for further clarification! I whispered it to you!

Brian: don’t know him, I know green pants camo jacket.

Me: Why were so many people dressed in camo?

Me: we should have brought my car

Brian: I’m a PRO hun

This is when the car slid off the road and into our 911 number
Trying to push the car out while I laugh from the passenger seat
Throwing in the towel and asking ME to drive the car out while he pushes…hehehehe (its a standard, and his baby)

SUCCESS!! Because of MY superior driving skill we’re out!
We should’ve taken my car.


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