And The Award Goes to…


On Jan. 17th I was presented with a Stylish Blogger Award by Kristy from Pampers and Pinot and found myself in a foggy dreamlike state, full of gratitude and pretend parties in my honour, there were so many photographers! I’m ashamed to say I forgot to pay my award forward!!
I’m now sober and am paying it forward to 7 bloggers and revealing 7 things about myself… SCANDALOUS!

1. I love coffee… no not the way a normal person loves coffee, pouring it into their “give me coffee or else” mug in the morning.. I drink coffee all day, everyday. When I go out I buy coffee, the hotter the better.

2. I hate to shower (I do it but I hate it).

3. I make lists for everything, I make lists for my lists, I have journals for my journals.

4. I hate it when people drink the left over milk from their cereal out of the bowl like its a cup.. ITS NOT A CUP! Its a bowl, a bowl with cereal spit in it.

5. I sometimes give the finger when my baby isn’t in the car and its liberating (and sometimes when she is).

6. I have a bulimic cat, for real, and have to clean my carpets with a steam cleaner once a week. Despite my hatred towards her retching and screams of “this barf will be your last!” while I clean up after her I really do fear she’s going to die from her disease and that I’m her enabler.

7. I love Jersey Shore – I know you’re disgusted… me too


And Now The Awards GoTo…

All chosen because of their STYLE (and wicked ass blogs)
Katie at Sluiter Nation

Robin at MamaRobinJ

Erin at The Motherload
Cheryl at Mommypants
Nichole at In These Small Moments
Natalie at Mommy of a Monster and Twins
Alexandra at Good Day, Regular People


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