I thought it would just fit.
New love.
I didn’t know that sometimes it doesn’t just fit.
Sometimes people find their perfect mate, they fall head over heals in love, everything around them is a blur, its just the two of them, they profess their love for one another over and over.
But Sometimes the fit is wrong.
Not this love!
Your love is so strong it can withstand anything.
Almost anything.
The anger comes quick and unexpected.
It leaves blisters.
The blisters only hurt sometimes.
You put band aids over the bleeding sores and keep moving.
Love feels good. That’s what everyone says.
You don’t want to give up. This love will last.
Flowers are given, sincere apologies, hugs and sweet nothings whispered in ears.
The Blisters heal.
But the scars are still there.
Memories of what happened appear and the fear that it might happen again lingers. You questioning every move, every step, for fear the blisters will come back, the pain.
Holding in tears, laughter, joy and all emotion doesn’t help.
The anger comes back.
And so do the blisters.
The fit is wrong.
Its been too long and its hard to escape, to find your way out, to ask for help.
The embarrassment is overwhelming but the fear is worse.
The blisters are bleeding
They don’t heal this time.
Time to get out, to get help, and to be safe
The blisters will stop bleeding
But there will always be scars.

This post is not representative of my relationship now.
If you or someone you love is in an abusive relationship please seek help.
There are resources available to you so that you are safe.


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