Through Tears


This week’s Red Dress Club Red Writing Hood prompt asked you to begin your piece with the words, “I could never have imagined” and end it with “Then the whole world shifted.

My post is dedicated to my Mom.

I could never have imagined I would hear those words. I sat at the dining room table, staring at my mother, who’s eyes were already red, waiting for her to take it back, to tell me she was kidding. I looked at my dad but he wasn’t laughing. They were serious.

I was 16 years old, I was selfish, my social calendar was my prime concern, I knew it all and had the answers to everything.

I didn’t have an answer to this.

I looked at my mom, tears were streaming down her face now and she was wringing her hands. She looked at my brother and then me wanting badly for us to tell her we were happy, that we loved her, that we would embrace this news.

My heart pounded loud in my ears as my mom, through tears, told her story, stopping only to wipe her eyes and accept pats on the hand from my dad.

My dad.  Always supportive. I love this man more than words can express. My heart hurts when I try to voice how much.

My brother and I asked questions, we said hurtful things.

My mom’s years of pain didn’t register.

I was 16, I was selfish.

Anger swept over me and I wanted to cover my ears making it impossible for any more words to get in. I was the oldest and jealous of losing my place.

Sounds kept getting in and swirling around in my brain.

My mom had a baby.

She gave him a better home.

My mom is brave, strong, amazing, inspiring.

I have an older brother.

I wasn’t the oldest.

Then the whole world shifted.


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