My Today

I woke up with you in my bed because your teeth hurt.

And because I wanted you there.

I watched you playing gently with little friends younger than you and gave you space to explore.

And wanted to hold you the whole time.

I made your lunch and set it down in front of you ensuring each bite was chewed.

And wished we were still rocking softly together while you drank.

I dressed you and snapped you tight in your car seat while you practiced new words in my ear.

And I remembered your first coos and smiles.

I buckled you into the shopping cart and laughed with you as the wind blew your hair.

And wished I could bottle that sound.

I watched you point curiously as I picked out your very first birthday card.

And I was filled with gratitude for my gift.


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10 Responses to My Today
  1. MamaRobinJ
    April 6, 2011 | 9:42 pm

    Oh, this hit me right in the heart. So beautiful, L. Hang in there this week.

  2. Shell
    April 6, 2011 | 10:06 pm

    Oh, this is so sweet! Savor those sweet moments!

  3. Kelley
    April 7, 2011 | 12:18 am

    That is so sweet! I just want to hold your baby myself now.

  4. Kir
    April 7, 2011 | 8:17 am

    oh my goodness, that was so sweet, honest and lovely I have tears in my eyes. GLORIOUS!

  5. Amy
    April 7, 2011 | 10:50 am

    Crying. Geez. Love it, of course.

  6. Ash
    April 7, 2011 | 1:31 pm

    Oh my! Thwack – right to the heart.

    It is so amazing how your perspective on birthdays changes when you’re blessed enough to create one. Enjoy!

  7. NorthShoreMommy
    April 7, 2011 | 4:19 pm

    Oh, this is so beautifully written! These are all such precious moments and experiences. When my son turned 1, I was incredibly emotional. Enjoy every moment and thanks for sharing this. I loved it.

  8. Nic
    April 7, 2011 | 6:25 pm

    You forgot to add how you cried picking out her card 🙂 it’s amazing all the things she can do and everything she is because of you!!!

  9. MamaTrack
    April 8, 2011 | 8:02 pm

    I just love this. I ache to go back, even though it’s only 9 months.

  10. Andrea
    April 9, 2011 | 12:06 am

    So precious. So special. Such a tender moment. Or two. Or ten. All shared between you and your special munchkin. And you shared with us a touch of it all. Love it.

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