The Wheels on the Bus

The steps leading onto the towering yellow bus seemed huge compared to my twelve-year-old body. I stretched to take one stair at a time and was nervous to find a seat with a friend. I could feel the butterflies dancing in my stomach and wasn’t sure if it was from excitement or the anxiety of the unknown.

The voices of my peers spilled out of the windows as we made our way down the highway, trading lunches, seat hopping, and eagerly anticipating our arrival at the Science Centre.

My stomach turned somersaults.

Outside the rain created puddles, perfect for jumping in, and the line up to get off of the bus lagged while my classmates took their time splashing around, ignoring the huge buildings looming overhead and the big city we had just arrived in.

I needed to get off of the bus.

The butterflies flew up from the bottom of my stomach and reached for my throat, and as they lunged forward so did I. Pushing my peers to the side I sprang for the stairs to fresh air but it was too late, the excitement, anxiety, and butterflies inside wanted out!

With my body now out of my control I threw up in front of all of my classmates.

I felt one of my friends mothers take my shoulders, brush my hair back, and lead me to a bathroom. She played the role of my mother all day, while her child participated in the activities and I couldn’t leave the bathroom.

The ride home was a blur.

Exhausted, pale, and embarrassed I closed my eyes and prayed that we arrived back at the school quickly. I missed my mother madly and wanted to go to bed.

I wanted to escape the sounds of my squealing friends, the stories of fun, and everything I missed.

I felt cheated.

And I haven’t been back to the Science Centre ever since.

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6 Responses to The Wheels on the Bus
  1. My Pajama Days
    June 29, 2011 | 8:02 am

    Oh no! How awful but what a wonderful mom to come to your rescue. My youngest daughter threw up at school and had a raging fever while I was stuck in Jury Duty. No one could reach me or my husband that day but my neighbor was on our emergency list. She came and got her and took care of her all afternoon until I finally was able to get the messages and race home. Thank goodness for those “adoptive” mothers!

    – Emily

  2. Mrs. Jen B
    June 29, 2011 | 10:14 am

    Oh, no! I’m sitting here pouting for you – what a heartbreak. And how mortifying that must have been. I wish I could give little-you a hug…or grown-up you, for that matter!

    You really did a fantastic job conveying the emotion here.

  3. Runnermom-jen
    June 29, 2011 | 4:57 pm

    Oh my goodness…you poor thing. I’m so sorry that happened to you!
    P.S. I love the new look of your blog! I had to make sure I was on the right page!

  4. Victoria KP
    June 29, 2011 | 8:51 pm

    Oh no! What an awful day that must have been!

    On the plus side (and an unrelated note) I love the new look your blog has!

  5. MamaRobinJ
    June 29, 2011 | 11:20 pm

    Oh no! How awful. That totally sucks.

    But holy crap your blog looks awesome! Did you do that yourself? And you’re self-hosted now? Holy blogging rock star!

  6. Anastasia
    July 2, 2011 | 5:17 am

    Oh you poor thing! You should go back and erase the bad memory.

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