Blogging Because of the Friendship

The biggest reason I am grateful for blogging is because of the friendship.

The community of bloggers that have supported me throughout my struggles with PPD and chronic depression.

You know who I mean!


There were many days when I didn’t think I should hit publish, and I questioned my writing.

I questioned my sanity.

But you were all there to let me know it was okay. Many of you circled me with stories of your own pain and comments detailing your own struggles.

You have all saved me.

I’m over at Bewildered Bug today.  I’m talking all about the power of blogging and its ability to open the lonely pit of PPD.

Please visit me there…


Thank you ALL!




Multitasking Mumma is just ONE of the many blogs nominated as one of the top 25 PPD blogs at Circle of Moms. Please go vote for one or all of your favourites.

Comments are closed, please go show me some love at Bewildered Bug.

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