Who Do You Speak For?

It’s Mental Health Awareness Week from May 7-13 2012 here in Canada.

I advocate for Mental Health Awareness not only because of my own struggles but because of the clients I work with on a daily basis and because of my many friends who have battled mental illness throughout their life times.

“About one in five people – over six and a half million Canadians – experience a mental disorder during their lifetime.” (source: Canadian Mental Health Association.)

Think about having coffee with a group of five girlfriends.

One of you has, is, or will experience a mental illness.

The fears attached to this reality are stifling. Not only to those who are diagnosed, but to the families living with the person affected, and to the people the individual comes into contact with every day.

“Stigma originally meant a physical mark of shame. Now, it’s an invisible mark that sets you apart from others.” (Source: Canadian Mental Health Association)

The person struggling fights their battle often in silence, separating themselves from friends and positive circles of support, while those they come in contact with draw conclusions about their appearance, behaviour, and stability.

Misunderstandings, tales, and discriminations keep those affected with a mental illness from finding employment, getting proper health care, having suitable housing, securing counselling or resources necessary for their recovering. So the cycle continues.

This week is meant to break those invisible barriers on both sides of the fence and inform communities about mental illness.

So how can you help?

1. Talk about mental health week, encourage others to go to the Canadian Mental Health Association website and learn more about Mental Illness and it’s affects on individuals

2. Ask questions. Those who struggle are often willing to share how the fight affects them

3. Change your language. We are people living with bipolar, depression, PPD, schizophrenia, mood disorders etc. We are not Bipolar, Depressed, Schizo’s, etc.

4. Is there someone in your life right now that you can support? Have you shut someone out because you are afraid? Reach out and ask how you can help them.

5. Speak out! When you see something happening in your community that you don’t agree with, don’t be a bystander, that makes you just as much a bully as the bully themselves. Stand up for someone who can’t stand up for themselves.

Advocating for Mental Health, allergy, and head trauma awareness is why I blog. I want readers to know I understand what they have been through, I am fighting for them and I am listening.

What do you Speak for?

For more information please go to Canadian Mental Health Association.


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28 Responses to Who Do You Speak For?
  1. By Word of Mouth Musings
    May 9, 2012 | 7:43 am

    Thank you so much for linking up with us in this meme this week. Words of promise, and strength and power … yes … like your post here. To be an advocate for so many who need to be spoken for.
    You are a gift to them all with your determination to be heard and make a difference.
    Love that you shared this today – a voice can make change the world.

    • multitaskingmumma
      May 10, 2012 | 9:47 pm

      I hold on to that; that my voice will make change.
      THAT is all I want.
      To make a difference.

  2. Jenn@Fox in the City
    May 9, 2012 | 7:56 am

    You are an amazing advocate! Strong, powerful voice of understanding and empathy.

    • multitaskingmumma
      May 10, 2012 | 9:46 pm

      Thank you Jenn.
      And thank you for all of your support and help throughout this rollercoaster.

  3. Lindsay
    May 9, 2012 | 8:15 am

    Well said my friend. Well said.

  4. Lady Estrogen
    May 9, 2012 | 10:13 am

    In my experience, it’s more like 4 in 5, but who’s counting. Ahem.

    Love that you are such a strong advocate.

    I think if I had to pick one, it would automatically be pro-choice issues. It seems to be the one thing that gets me the most upset and keeps me up at night.

    • multitaskingmumma
      May 10, 2012 | 9:45 pm

      I can’t even talk about it..
      I get all red in the face.

  5. Lady Jennie
    May 9, 2012 | 11:26 am

    This is great – SO great to have people speaking up for this. Thank God I was not born a century ago.

  6. Nikky44
    May 9, 2012 | 11:33 am

    being a person who suffers from severe depression and anxiety disorder, I want to thank you for what you are doing.
    In Canada the situation is much better than in my country. mental sickness is taboo where I live. People make fun of me because i take medication. I was about to lose my job too

    • multitaskingmumma
      May 10, 2012 | 9:44 pm

      I’m so sorry to hear that you experience ridicule.. Where do you live? Is there any community resources or anything that they are starting up in order to educate the public?

      • nikky44
        May 11, 2012 | 1:16 am

        I live in Lebanon.

        • multitaskingmumma
          May 18, 2012 | 9:54 pm

          Have you written posts about your struggle with mental health resources there?

          • Nikky44
            May 19, 2012 | 2:28 am

            No, I didn’t, but I think I should do that. All I was writing since I started was about the abuse and some old memories

  7. Jessica
    May 9, 2012 | 11:55 am

    I’m very happy you speak for this because it is so important for people to know about it and to get help if they need it.

  8. Nic
    May 9, 2012 | 12:58 pm

    I am so proud of you for using your voice to help others. To be an advocate for so many people who need you is amazing! xoxox Nic

    • multitaskingmumma
      May 10, 2012 | 9:37 pm

      You are a huge reason why I keep going. You’re encouragement keeps me positive.

  9. MommaKiss
    May 9, 2012 | 1:00 pm

    You are courageous for the speaking. And the sharing here. Thank you – for all of those who can not say it.

    • multitaskingmumma
      May 10, 2012 | 9:36 pm

      How is your sight?
      And thank you for your sweetness all up in here.

  10. Kimberly
    May 9, 2012 | 6:40 pm

    Thank you friend for being that one.
    I hate that you have to go through this but look at all the good you’re doing. You’re taking this illness and giving it a voice. So many stay silent. So many feel alone. You are the line in the connect-a-dot.
    Love you.

    • multitaskingmumma
      May 10, 2012 | 9:35 pm

      Thank YOU for being there when I need to vent, or laugh, or swear, or I have a question….
      You’re pretty special

  11. Galit Breen
    May 9, 2012 | 9:39 pm

    Oh you, this? Is the epitome of you advocate and speak and educate – with authority, passion, and information.

    (I’m so damn PROUD of all that you’re doing!)

    Thank you for the actionable list. It’s perfection!


    • multitaskingmumma
      May 10, 2012 | 9:34 pm

      Thank you so much for your sweet words. I love your passion and your, always, heartfelt compliments.

  12. Jill
    May 10, 2012 | 10:06 am

    Keeping silent and suffering alone is definitely the worse thing a person can do. By you speaking out about your own struggles, I know you are helping people. I love no. 5 especially. We all need to work on our compassion for others…something I’m really working on with my ‘lil dudes right now.

    • multitaskingmumma
      May 10, 2012 | 9:33 pm

      I’m working on empathy too… we all judge and we all struggle to put ourselves in someone else’s shoes. We’re human

  13. Mom
    May 10, 2012 | 10:12 am

    I am so PROUD of you for “taking the bull by the horns” and addressing subjects that are important to you and others.
    You always manage to find a way to shed some light on life’s journey for those around you.
    Since keeping up with your blog, I catch myself being more accepting and caring toward other people.
    You have much wisdom for your years and no matter what age, we all are learning from you every time you put “pen to paper”. Keep up the good work.

    • multitaskingmumma
      May 10, 2012 | 9:32 pm

      Love you mumma! thank you for seeing me for who I am.

  14. Alison@Mama Wants This
    May 11, 2012 | 9:43 am

    You are amazing – I’ve always loved that you advocate for such wonderful causes.

    • multitaskingmumma
      May 18, 2012 | 9:54 pm

      That means a lot Alison! It’s nice to be recognized.

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