2013 – The Year of Full Price Beef

Ever since my husband has been laid off, then went back to work, been laid off again; found work; lost work; received no unemployment benefits, and been turned down at every corner for employment, we’re facing reality and being creative with our money.

And with how we bring in money.

Not THAT creative… pervs.

I’m talking about coupons, price matching, selling things we don’t use or need anymore, clinical studies and trials on our bodies (okay not that one, but if it pays I’m willing to put Brian through anything).

Where I excel at saving money Brian excels at spending it.

Money burns a hole in his pocket; stores call his name, begging him to come in and buy gum, chocolate bars, energy drinks, and useless flashlights that I find stuffed all over the house.

“Look hun, this one has a nose hair trimming feature! I’m going to tuck it away so I know where to find it as soon as those buggers get unruly.”

So while I’m clipping, cutting, and clicking away, Brian takes that time to be on his laptop, placing down bets, and battling the ninja’s and woodland creatures for their quarters.

How else would I be able to afford a cart at the grocery store?

“I’m saving the world hun. You don’t want me involved in your price cutting and couponing anyway, you told me I get too excited in the store.”

It’s true, he does.

He stares too long at items, gets nervous over price matching, and can’t decide between two different kinds of cereal.

It’s not hard; the on sale cereal or the on sale cereal?

I’m confident one day soon our luck with turn around and there will be employment in his future that doesn’t fall through.

He’s a hard worker, a motivated and determined person, even when he’s not a work, and he’s personable. I’m proud of him… even when he spends all of our money on McDonald’s.

2013 is our year!

Employment, bills paid and full price beef.

Or winning the lottery

Watch out!

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One Response to 2013 – The Year of Full Price Beef
  1. Lindsay
    January 11, 2013 | 5:59 pm

    Good luck with your lottery win!! Don’t forget it’s the year of Bridesmaids dresses!! LOL

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