How to Coupon in Canada

Couponing in Canada is different than in the US.

It’s not like on Extreme Couponer.

We can’t double up our coupons, we don’t have store cards that take money off of our end totals, and I have no idea where to find those people who hook you up with those stacks of coupon inserts.

But if there’s anyone who knows how to save money using coupons it’s my friend Nicole!

She is a pro when it comes to saving money using coupons, inserts, and online printables, so I have brought her to you!

Thank you Nicole for your advice and for teaching us, oh wise one!



There are several places you can find coupons.  They include in stores, on products, websites designed for people who coupon, inserts, printable coupons, directly from companies, etc.  Another great way to find coupons is just on the shelve with the item.

Below are the most common places:


Occasionally you will find coupons on the box to use on the current item or future purchase.

Online Coupons:

You can join the following sites (in Canada), pick from the coupons available, and have coupons mailed to your home.  They occasionally offer  “hidden coupons” so it’s important to watch for emails or check the websites  often.

1). Coupons mailed to you for free (or print coupons).

2). Coupons mailed to you for free (or print coupons).

3). Coupons mailed to you for free.

4). Coupons mailed to you for free.



These are included in your local newspaper or with your weekly flyers and arrive on a set schedule to be cut out to use.  The flyers to watch for are (in Canada), RedPlum, Smart Source, and Brandsaver.  These booklets often have 6-30 coupons in each issue.

Contacting Companies:

Many companies will provide you coupons if you contact them.  You can email the company directly or call them to request coupons.  Some companies will gladly mail you out coupons and others will tell you where to find coupons on their products.  Because of the popularity of coupons,  many companies are using Facebook to release them so become a fan of their pages to get updates and new coupons quickly.

Coupon Trading:

If you are having trouble finding coupons on products you want, you may want to consider trading.  There are websites that provide just the framework for sharing coupons with others.  Coupon trading forums can be found online and there are several out there such as,

When it comes to your grocery shopping and preparing for your trip, I recommend shopping at stores that allow you to price match, researching before you shop, and downloading apps that are interchangeable with your shopping, such as Checkout 51.   I also suggest utilizing an according style file to store all of your coupons by store or by item ie; food; hygiene; laundry this will allow you to keep everything close by when you need it or if you happen to stop in a store last-minute.

If you are interested in couponing I urge you to utilize social media, follow couponers, companies, and bloggers who are devoted to looking for deals on twitter and face book, and take the time to organize your shopping trips.

By doing the above I am able to save, on average, $30-$40 each week and believe that most Canadians can too.

coupons nic


With the above tips and tools there is no doubt we can all be saving a few more dollars on our next shopping trip.

Thank you for your time and your insight Nicole!

Do you coupon? What tips do you have?

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2 Responses to How to Coupon in Canada
  1. Kimberly
    May 6, 2013 | 12:37 pm

    Couponing here is a joke. I don’t understand why they don’t offer us deals like the US. It’s the same damn product for crying out loud. I shop in the US every other week and I go mad with the coupons. I love pissing off the cashier. Bitches.

    • multitaskingmumma
      May 7, 2013 | 12:24 pm

      I agree! I would love to be able to double up and have a store card that I could use to take money off of my bill!

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