Starting Vacation

Friday marked the beginning of my holidays so we packed up and left for my in-laws trailer. While there, it was suggested that we leave our daughter for a little mini vacation of her own.

I says pardon?

You want to keep my child for three days, while I’m on vacation at home? You want to let me go home without her, and you’re smiling?

See yah!!

photo-67 (2)

I kid.

There was some serious anxiety on my part, mostly because my daughter has a difficult time going to bed and OMGIMLEAVINGMYBABY, but the look on her face and the excitement she had as we were packing up was enough to solidify our decision.

A quick text to Nannie on the way home told us she was a delight and we had nothing to worry about.

Once home we felt the quiet hit us hard.

No chatter throughout our house, no toys strung from one end to the other, no one yelling for my attention (okay, Brian was but that doesn’t count).

What do we do with all of this free time?

I paced back and forth in the kitchen, put away the dishes, opened and closed the fridge, looked out the window and then I sat. I’d never realized how much time I devoted to the littlest member of our family.

Eying up my computer I finally rested comfortably in my chair and got to work on projects I had been putting off and emails I hadn’t intentionally been ignoring, but had been taking second place to my family.

While Brian made out with the lawn mower.

It will be an adjustment over the next couple of days; the quiet, the free time, and the things I will get done. Then just as we get used to it… BAM the chaos will be back.

And we will be thrilled.



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One Response to Starting Vacation
  1. Alison
    August 1, 2013 | 4:52 am

    Enjoy the quiet time! I’m a little envious of it. 🙂

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