Welcome to the Stream Team

When I watch a TV series I get a little addicted. I like to watch from start to finish in marathon style, so watching it on TV makes it hard for my addictive personality.

I want to sit with a treat, a drink, and my husband in front of the television and watch episode after episode, obsessively, while the characters develop and the story line takes me on a ride deep into the night.

When I should be sleeping.

So when Netflix Canada contacted me and asked if I would be apart of the Stream Team I jumped at the chance.

netflix streamteam

Watch quality programs, TV series, children’s programming, and new releases?

Yes please.

We’ve enjoyed amazing shows like Orange is the New Black (which I highly recommend), Breaking Bad (another amazing show), and are about to begin House of Cards.

I indulge in Pretty Little Liars now and again and can set it to play Dora, Barney, Clifford, or any other character program my daughter decides she wants to see that day.

netflix childrens movies

The streaming quality from our Roku is impressive and I haven’t had any problems.

As a brand ambassador I will be bringing you updates monthly from Netflix Canada and the Stream Team. I’ll keep you posted on new releases, great ways to engage with your product, and new, fresh ideas.

Hope you’ll join me.


What’s your favourite show on Netflix?

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One Response to Welcome to the Stream Team
  1. Farrah
    March 18, 2014 | 3:14 am

    Hey good for you! We love watching shows on Netflix. NO COMMERCIALS. We’re watching House of Cards now- I started Lilyhammer a while ago but need to get back into it… and Orange. We used a Roku back in the States, but now have apple TV. I love that Netflix Nederland arrived a few months ago. Makes me very happy and from what I hear the kids’ choices are better than in the US.

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