The Road to Registering

It had been the third time I’d been to the tiny school, it’s brick building surrounded by feilds, very different from the school my daugther would actually be going to but because we wanted her to go out of district due to daycare I would have to register her at her “home” school first.

Children sitting on chairs in the office surrounded me as I waited for the pile of paperwork the admin assistant would hand me to fill out before the process of a transfer could begin.

She lead me to the quiet library with its small chairs and octogon tables set in groups, reminding me of my own childhood.

I sat quietly and filled out our address three times over, our history, what types of behaviours they could expect from our daughter, and information to keep her safe.

Upon returning to the office I mentioned that she had a peanut allergy.


The admin assistance eyes grew big and she went directly to a new cabinet, pulled out a new stack of papers, and handed me forms upon forms for our doctor to fill out.

“These ones you can fill out at home.”

At first I felt panic. More paperwork hindering the registration process but the more I thought about it the better I felt.

This was the school being proactive.

This was the school protecting my child.

If it meant keeping my daughter alive I would fill out paperwork all day long.

I took the stack and headed home, writing a reminder to call the doctor, and another reminder to call the school we were transfering to in order to discuss the allergy with them.

One more step towards getting her registered.

One more safety precaution in place to keep her safe.


What have your experiences been with registering your children for school?

If they have allergies what has the school done to keep your children safe?

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One Response to The Road to Registering
  1. Farrah
    April 29, 2014 | 9:38 am

    I sometimes feel very left behind with what everyone ‘back home’ is doing when it comes to Kinder this year! So far, we haven’t had much of a to-do over registration, however, like you- I’d fill out whatever they asked if it kept them safe!

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