It’s not my Driving

My car and I had been together for almost three years, the tires were getting a little on the rough side and I knew the rims would be screaming for a new pair soon enough.

But where would the money come from?

As I drove back from dropping my daughter off at daycare on one particularly windy day, I remember it was windy because my driving is impeccable; I was swept over to the side of the road and hit what felt like a black hole of a pothole lying in wait for someone unsuspecting such as myself.


The noise was ear shattering and I was certain I had damaged a tire, but the car appeared to drive fine. Off to the highway I went, curious as to why such a large hole had been left on the road, but happy that my car had made it through.

My hero.

It wasn’t until I reached my destination that I noticed my car was having trouble turning. Jumping out of the car I looked down to be met with a flat tire and bent rim.

Stupid car.

Of course this was happening.

My impeccable driving was not to be blamed, of course, I was a pro.

One week later, after having the car fixed and a new/used tire put on I drove the same road, dropped my daughter off at daycare, and battled the same winds.

Because it was definitely the winds that were the problem.

Not my driving.

It was then that the pothole JUMPED out right in front of me again!

I hit with massive force throwing my car to the side and out the other end of the hole.

I pulled over to assess the damage and noted that this time I had ruined two tires and a rim.

Stupid car.

My impeccable driving could not be blamed for this.

Another trip to the mechanics, another $200, and my car was fixed.

That pothole was also fixed after I called the city.

Because it certainly wasn’t MY driving!

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One Response to It’s not my Driving
  1. Roxanne
    May 8, 2014 | 12:33 am

    Potholes jump out at you like walls jump out at me. They just APPEAR and smack me in the face. I don’t understand. It’s not like I have any problem paying attention while walking.

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