Family Film Night

The Perfect Ingredients for a Family Film Night

If you love doing things as a family then a great idea is to have a family film night. You can all get together, curl up on the sofa and pop on a great film to enjoy together. Here are some great tips for making it something you’ll want to do on a regular basis…

Get a Great TV

It might sound like an awful lot of expense to go to, but getting a really great TV will make the whole experience even better. Watching films on a tiny little TV just won’t have the same impact. For the latest in TV technology, check out this 4K TV from HiSpek which is ultra-high definition, meaning it’s even better than HD. Definitely the choice for the cinema purist.

What Film to Watch

This is a big decision, particularly if you have children. Obviously if you do have kids then horror films are probably off the agenda, and family friendly films are very much the order of the day. You could choose films that you watched as a kid to introduce them to your children, or a great idea is to watch a series of films, such as the Harry Potter films, so you could have a succession of film nights and work your way through them.

The Ambience

You have to get the ambience right or your film night won’t be any different from watching any other film on TV. Try and make it as much like the cinema as possible, so turn off the lights, close the curtains and turn the film up loud (but don’t annoy the neighbours!). This way you’ll really get into the film and enjoy it a lot more.

Get Some Snacks In

You can’t have a film night without having some snacks to go with it! Obviously you have to have popcorn, but ensure there’s something for everyone, so get some sweets and even combine it with dinner, so you could have a hotdog or some nachos whilst you watch the film.

Invite People Round

Watching a film is usually better with other people, so you could invite other friends and family members round to watch it with you. Just make sure you’re strict with your no talking policy and get them to bring their own snacks!

Switch Mobile Phones Off

Mobile phones should be banned in the cinema as it is, so make sure you turn them off or at very least put them on silent and don’t use them. Here’s a great cinema code of conduct that everyone should adhere to! Children are partly exempt though if you’re at home, obviously.


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  1. Kimberly
    September 10, 2014 | 10:33 am

    Oh the mobile phones!!! Gets you every time. I find that I need to put it in hiding or else I’m tempted.

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