Choose Your Favourites This January with Netflix

This weekend my daughter learned how to use my laptop.

My new laptop.

With my supervision she figured out how to use her finger to work the mouse pad and maneuver the mouse to the shows she wanted to watch on Netflix, how to stop the shows and go to a new one, and how to turn up the volume.

So it only seemed fitting that I create her a profile on Netflix of her very own, where previously our whole family had only one for everyone.

And then I was feeling really wild and I created a profile for everyone.

It wasn’t until we all started watching our own shows that I realized how great it was! Netflix tracks what you watch and presents you with shows and movies you will like.

And the best part?  You can create your own list of shows you want to view later!

All under your own profile.

I’ve set my daughter’s profile to “under 12” so she’s presented with age appropriate content and will only be able to click on parent approved shows and movies.

How excellent is that?

Learning something awesome already and it’s only January!

Currently she’s hooked on King Julien but I know her next favourite will be the new release, The Adventures of Puss and Boots, which is set to release this month.


Once she goes to bed I’ll be enjoying Nashville, Wentworth, or a documentary.

What are your favourites?

Give me some titles so I can add to “My List!”


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One Response to Choose Your Favourites This January with Netflix
  1. Nic
    January 13, 2015 | 1:08 pm

    Us too! Each of the kids have a profile and justin and I are own. Best of all is that I have one for Daycare! I’ve saved all the awesome educational shows and special things like the Scholastic ones! It’s amazing and we live it because it keeps everyone’s shows organized and no fighting!

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