Dr. Dad vs Dr. Mom

We’ve been at this parenting thing for 4 1/2 years.

We’ve seen some gross things, gone through some embarrassing moments, endured heartbreak, and redirected, redirected, redirected.

We sometimes give ourselves a pat on the back for our parenting style and then we walk into a bedroom with a multi coloured carpet created by lip gloss.

We parent differently but compliment each other.


The other night our daughter woke up a couple of hours after she’d fallen asleep complaining of ear pain.

Me: should we take her to the clinic?

Him: let me get the Doctor kit.
*Comes back with the four-year old’s pink Doctor kit.

Me: are you ok babe? Where is the thumping?

Him: * wearing a pink plastic stethoscope
Where do you feel pain? Is it like a thump thump thump? What ear? Let me look inside.

Me: point to the ear that hurts

Him: * shining a flashlight into her ear
Looks ok. Doesn’t look puffy.
I’ll Google it

Me: Here’s a Tylenol. Lay with mom.

Him: * throws multiple stuffed animals onto the bed. Points his finger at us.

Complimentary or confusing?

I took her to the clinic while Dr. Dad preformed pretend surgery on the stuffed panda.


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