The Things We Do

All of us do things for our kids that we would never normally do. It’s to keep them happy, to keep them quiet, to keep them calm, and to keep them from killing each other. These things range from allowing the family pet on the bed all night when they’re usually not allowed or letting bedtime slip because a special show is on, the scale slides depending on our mood or our child and we’ve all done it.

This week I caught myself making exceptions for things, making adjustments, and just plain being crazy for the sake of my child.

1. I ate the top and bottom off of a banana because she doesn’t like “those parts”

2. Cut the crusts off the bread because “they’re yucky”

3. Left the strawberries whole so she could eat them like a rabbit would

4. Scratched her back until my arms were numb and I couldn’t feel my fingers

5. Brought to life the design she created in her head that she wanted for her hair

6. Untangled a sock four times because it just didn’t feel right

7. Laid outside of her tent inside her bedroom because she wanted to sleep in one but the dark was too dark when she got inside

8. Sang “eat your dinner” three different ways with the hopes of it enticing her to … eat her dinner

9. Covered her legs in bandaids to make to boo boo’s go away and make bedtime come faster

10. Built a fort out of cushions and left it “the exact way” that it was built for three days so that she could play in it after school


What exceptions have you made or what crazy antics have you gotten yourself into for your child?

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