Baby Proof Your Fireplace at Home

Effective Ways to Baby Proof Your Fireplace at Home

When it comes to heating your living room, nothing spells classy and warm like a traditional furnace at home. These fireplaces provide great warmth and comfort, especially on an extremely cold night. However, the flickering flames of the hearthside can also lure in curious children; similar to how the light of a lamp post can attract moths.

If a parent is not careful, these heating systems may do more harm than good. In this article, we’ll discuss simple yet effective ways to child proof your home.

  1. Install a fireguard

This accessory prevents your kid from getting near live fires. This will also prevent them from toppling over the hearth. Aside from protecting your kid, this can also keep your pets safe. A fireguard is usually paired with a heat-resistant glass door.

  1. Use a glass door

Even with a fireguard, there is still a chance that your kid or pet will get harmed in your fireplace because of the sparks and embers that might fly out from the hearth. A glass door will keep these hot elements from going out of bounds and hurting your kids. In addition, this will also prevent inquisitive hands and paws from poking around the fireplace when it is not in use.

  1. Change the arrangements of the furniture

Make sure that you strategically arrange the interior design of your living room so that your kids will not be too fixated at looking at the burning furnace. You can create a nice open space that is located away from the fireplace.

In order to do this, place the sofas, tables, and loveseats perpendicular to your fireplace. To create distance, add a table in front of the hearth. The distance between the fireplace and your living room furniture should be at least three feet apart.

  1. Add a play yard

If your kid has his own play pen, he will not be too motivated to go near the live flames. This is ideal for babies or toddlers. A play pen is made from a variety of materials. However, the most common designs usually include bars. This play yard will also prevent the little ones from roaming around your house.

  1. install a carbon monoxide alarm

The live flames and embers are not the only things that you should be afraid of. You should also be wary of the carbon monoxide that the burning wood and coal can emit. If not properly monitored, excess carbon monoxide can be harmful to the whole family. With a carbon monoxide alarm, you can easily identify if your living room is surrounded with harmful gas. But aside from this alarm, it is also important to clean your vents and fireplace regularly to prevent any gas buildup.


Care to share other tips to baby proof one’s hearthside? Don’t hesitate to post them in the comments section below!


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