You can call me Tina

On the drive home from school my daughter and I talk about her day. We talk about who she played with, if she had fun, crafts she might have done. Simple things because our drive isn’t that long.

I often hear, from other parents at pick up, how much energy my daughter has, how outgoing she is, how full of life she is.

All so very true.

She’s the child that will dance her way to class, ask why five million times, and colour the horse purple because there’s a perfectly good reason to.

But then sometimes she surprises me.

S: If there were no teachers in the school we would have so much fun, we could do anything we wanted!

Me: You and all of your friends?

S: Yes, we could do anything!

Me: So, what would you do?

*At this point my mind has run rampant with the things my daughter is going to do with no teachers present.

Ransack the school, spray paint the walls, steal all the erasers, sing on the intercom, run through the halls?

S: Well, first I think I would go in and tidy up the classroom.

Me: Pardon?

S: And then I would go to the carpet and teach a little lesson.

Me: Okay.

S: Then we would all sing a song.

Me: Is that all you would do?

S: At home time we would gather our things and wait for our parents.

Me: You’re wild.

S: Nope, I’m Tina, remember.

Of course.



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