When Your Psych Closes Your File

When you fall off the coo coo wagon the first thing that you should probably do, in my experience, after you’ve cried to yourself in the corner and eaten an entire tub of ice cream, is call your psych.

They’re the ones who, besides your spouse, have seen you at your worse. They’ve seen the puffy face, sweaty pits, tangled hair, runny nose you who hugs her knees begging for answers while they calmly sit across from you, legs crossed, pad in hand.

They’re the logical ones to phone when you begin to turn circles in your house because you don’t know what to do next, your skin crawling with anxiety, feelings piling up on feelings, and food tasting so good you eat it just to let it linger inside your mouth.

But what happens when you make that call and you hear that your psych has closed your file?

What then?

Was I cured?

Did I magically hop atop a unicorn that flew me to the top of a rainbow where my head was tapped with the tiniest of wands and was filled with glitter and sprinkles instead of the sloppy shit that is filling it right now?

Was there a note sent about this trip that I’m not aware of.

Is it in the file?

Can I see the file?


While you’re getting the file, filling my prescriptions, explaining all of this to my family, and writing me an apology…

Can I ride the unicorn again?



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One Response to When Your Psych Closes Your File
  1. Nic
    May 4, 2015 | 9:23 am

    This upsets me beyond words. I don’t understand how s doctor can just close your file. What a waste of time and resources to have to go back to your family doctor for another referral. I just don’t understand. Same thing happened to me with my specialist gynocologist. I see him once a year. Because I had cancell my last appointment due to not being able to get it off work I was removed from there caseload. I called to reschedule 2 weeks after my cancelled apt. So now I have to go back to my family Dr for a referral. I guess Ohip
    Only covers a pap every 3 years unless they come back abnormal. Our health care seems to be backwards at times. A psychological should not take any clients of their caseload no matter the length. Family Drs don’t have the same clinical experience with medications and appropriate doses. Maybe you need see have an office visit once a year to remain on their caseload. Hope you can a referral soon.

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