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I have been submitting to a lot of places lately in order to have my writing read from different venues and while some have been very welcoming with great feedback, others have told me I’m not a good “fit” for what they are looking for. My words don’t flow with what they are currently presenting. Try a “list” or a “comparison” post. Try humour or backyard stories.

The stories I tell aren’t cookie cutter. They don’t come in the form of a list (very often) or a comparison. My stories come from a place that isn’t talked about very often, it’s hidden away behind closed doors, hushed at the water cooler, and laughed at by people who have no concept of what it feels like to live with a mental illness.

My words come from a place that some people find uncomfortable and many don’t want to see. It isn’t butterflies and rainbows, unicorns and glitter. I don’t blow wishes and dreams up your butt and I don’t sugar coat the way that I’m feeling. Things get real here.

And the way I feel?

It’s a reality for many, many more people than you could ever know.

But we are keeping these stories hidden, instead opting for lists about how many different ways your can clean your kitchen with a child on your hip, or who did the latest mommy war parody.

The internet is inundated with attacks on women by other women, wars on parenting, and posts based on everything we do wrong as humans.

I want to be a voice for those people who aren’t looking for the next craze, war, or debate.

I’m the voice for the mother who just got home from the hospital and is weeping into the silence because she’s scared of the thoughts she’s having and isn’t sure what’s wrong. I write for the people who are swallowed in darkness and are sure there will never be light again. I keep posting for those who have been to hell and know they have to keep fighting every day in order to keep the clouds away.

My words are for those who need support, a connection, or someone who understands exactly where they are this very moment.

Because I’ve been there.

Let these words out, let’s make the stories of triumph, darkness, awareness, and real feelings be the ones that make the pages we scroll through.

Lets build each other up instead of tearing each other down.






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5 Responses to These Words I Write
  1. Lyla Jackson
    May 8, 2015 | 3:09 pm

    Your words are so important. Your blog is not just clickbait for an advertising campaign. Don’t let them discourage you. You are speaking to friends and you are speaking from your heart. Keep writing.

  2. Michelle AKA Crumpets and Bollocks
    May 11, 2015 | 10:21 am

    I’m really sick of the cookie cutter norm that plagues the world. My brain is too different, and even if it could figure out the cookie cutter expectations, it doesn’t want to do that. I would rather do the dishes than read or write another list. The funny thing is, I was reading something about being a better writer, and it said never to dumb down for your audience, but we have to. People have short attention spans. Even if they are capable of going where you want to go, they don’t feel like it. Most read blog posts, IF they read it, in like 30 seconds. It has to be something they need to read, or something they really want to learn more about in order to get them there longer. BUT, if you write the thing that requires them to be there longer than that, it’s ok. You won’t get the high numbers, but… OK. If a popular site writes another snarky list about the same thing that’s always posted, they might get 3,000 views for it. BUT of those 3,000 views, x amount are crawlers (we all have this), y amount are people who clicked link bait to get there and have no desire to actually read any of it and leave immediately. Z people are interested a little, click through, and read 1/4 of it to say they love it and share it. And Z people is most of the people. Then you get P people. These are the people who read the entire thing word for word. They think about it. They think about their thoughts, and then they share. I was one of the P people reading this post. The P people don’t always visit your page. They are such a low percentage, most blogs don’t get much of that. If you are getting 40 P people visiting your blog, that’s better than 3,000 x,y,z people. So you are best off writing on your own platform with your own rules. Most of the bigger websites don’t have that many P people. If you can get elsewhere, aim for sites you think have P people because that’s your target market. I’m going to make this a post somewhere.

    • multitaskingmumma
      May 11, 2015 | 1:42 pm

      You’re so right. I’m better off writing my own words and for myself. That way I’m staying true to myself and I know that the people who are reading will get what they came here for. I think you should write about it. I would read it.

  3. Michelle AKA Crumpets and Bollocks
    May 11, 2015 | 10:35 am

    Oh, and you can kind of cookie cutter a post that isn’t cookie cutter. I got this idea from Moms Who Drink and Swear and Insane in the Mom Brain. They put random, but relevant, text as a header (or category). One of the main things about popular posting strategies is to chunk the info so that the z people can scroll through reading a heading and one to two phrases underneath it. Like in this post, “The stories I tell aren’t cookie cutter,” could be a heading. So could “My words come from a place that some people find uncomfortable.” Same with “I write for the people who are swallowed in darkness” and then finish the sentence in paragraph text and the rest of the paragraph. I’m just giving ideas, not preferences. You can make ANYTHING you want a header. And if you keep down to 2 to 4 sentences in between headers, it’s more cookie cutter. Plus SEO tends to like bigger words to help sum up the article (so aim for relevant keywords). They say to have at least one H1 tag, but don’t over do those, and then a few H2 and H3 tags depending on article size. I think it adds texture to a long story. Just an idea though.

    • multitaskingmumma
      May 11, 2015 | 1:41 pm

      great ideas!! I love this. Thank you so much for this.

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