Making Summer Cleaning Easier

It seems as though there is always a mess in my house.

I clean it up and it comes right back.

Dishes on the counter, toys all over the floor, laundry heaping out of the baskets, dust bunnies in the corners.

And now that summer is here we are outside more, leaving less time to tidy up.

And guess what?

There are no magical fairies that come at night to clean the house. Nope. It just gets bigger.

Because we live in the country we are on a well and we struggle with hard water stains, so cleaning can be a challenge and take longer than usual. There’s a lot of scrubbing, swearing, and sweating involved and the products I’ve tried are too many to mention.

Liquids, gels, sprays, and powders are all powerless against the strength of hard water.

That is up until recently.

I tried a new product and was skeptical. Why would this product work when so many had failed? What was different about this cleaning product and would I like it?

I set out to prove it wrong.

And it proved ME wrong.

Green Works impressed me from the second I started cleaning. There wasn’t a strong scent associated with it, I didn’t need to leave the product to soak before it would work, and it left my surfaces and porcelain sparkling.


Green Works cleaning products provide safe cleaning power without the harsh chemical smells and are made up of 100% biodegradable ingredients. They are 95% naturally derived and are not tested on animals.

This summer’s cleaning will be a lot easier and take up less time now that I have Green Works on my side.

I encourage you to pick some up on your next shopping trip and try it out.

You’ll be glad you did.

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