Play Date Anxiety

Because my husband and I work full-time our weekends are filled up with family obligations, activities, and adventures. We do play dates but when we do the parents are there because we are usually visiting with them too.

However, this week I’m on vacation and I’ve arranged for my daughter to have a friend over from school.  Play

Sans parents.

Hold me.

This is a first for me and my daughter but she doesn’t seem to have quite the anxiety that I do.

Shes excited to the point of losing sleep. Shes bouncing off the walls, talking about her day every minute, and organizing their day. She’s colour coded their places at the table, and discussed activities until she’s blue in the face.

And I have upped my meds.

This is a child whose parents I’m not close friends with, who I haven’t had to my house before, who hasn’t known me since they were born.

This is new territory.

So in preparation I’ve cleaned the car, mopped the floors, arranged activities, texted friends for advice, texted the child’s mother for tips on what she likes, and organized the crafts.

I’ve got plans, back up plans, and plans for my back up plans.

I know they’ll probably just go off and do their own thing.

They will be having so much fun they won’t even notice me.

I am simply the person who gets them food and turns on Netflix.

But, for that couple of seconds when they do need a snack, say they’re bored, or want to do a great activity I’ll swoop in and save the day!

Sigh… what would they do without me?


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