We Love An Adventure

We have a lot of activities planned for this summer. Many we can do in our own city but there are a few we’ve had to travel for.

And that’s just fine by me.

I love a car ride.

And my family loves adventure!


We like to pack up last minute, go where our imaginations take us, ride the high rides, and squeal when we get butterflies.


Well, some of us.


Sometimes the scenes are too much for the little person in my family. She can’t handle the loud noises or the scary monsters who pop their heads out when we walk by. She hides her face inside my husbands shirt and waits until we pass.

We attempt attractions and have good intentions, at first, only to find ourselves running out mid-way through because there was a scary visual that we weren’t warned about.

We karate chop fake dragons and dinosaurs so that we can go mini golfing and think that it’s going well, really well, until we reach the volcano and all hell breaks loose.


More running.

So after a trip to all the candy stores (to make sure they’re all different) a ride on the Sky Wheel, a 6D movie ride, and a Rainforest Cafe experience she was getting a little tired.


But she still had some questions about the dinosaurs and monsters hanging around.

So, we explained again that they aren’t real. They’re essentially robots.

Cue the confusion.

How can they be out in the rain? How can they talk? How come the elephants in the Rainforest Cafe were BLINKING THEIR EYES?


Damn you, Niagara Falls and your animatronics.

Bring on the hotel pool.

Where there are no scary monsters, no robots, and no wax statues to run past.

Just me in a bathing suit.

And THAT is scary enough!





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