Road Side Assistance

Last Thursday was a beautiful, very hot, gorgeous day. It was the type of day that made you want to get a cool drink, blow up your floaty, put on your swimsuit, and lay on the water all day.

It was a high of 36 degrees here in Ontario, with warnings about the humidity, and if you didn’t have air conditioning you were running to the beach or putting your head in the freezer.

We had endured a week of the sweltering heat and for the sun worshipers it was wonderful.

I enjoy the warm weather, however, I do not have air conditioning in my car… my black car… so I find driving to be a bit warm, especially the 40 minutes to and from work.

But I endure, I dress in layers, and I air out my armpits on the highway like nobodies business.

On Thursday, the hottest day of the week, I was driving home on the major highway I travel, arm out the window for maximum wind relief, music up in order to rock out appropriately (and to mask the various noises my car makes), when all of a sudden, BAM! my tire blew!

No big deal, right?!

I would just call my husband, he was off early so he could help me with the situation, and he would put on the spare.

Except I didn’t have a spare because I didn’t replace it the last time I blew a tire and my spare was the tire that just exploded on the highway.

I got out of the car, carefully checking the damage, and them scrambled back to the safety of my vehicle, the heat sucking the life out of me.

I called my husband and explained the situation. He calmly assessed the predicament I was in and said I should call CAA, they would come and tow the car home where we could put one of my other tires on it.

Perfect! Good ‘ol CAA to the rescue.

*Looks at ground, kicks dirt.

Except I didn’t renew the CAA.

But I had a great idea! I would call road side assistance, I remembered them sending me a reminder via email regarding my coverage.

The woman on the phone was lovely, took her time with me, discussed options, and then sweetly told me that the car that was covered was my husbands, not mine.

I set my phone down and wiped the sweat from my face. I was drenched and discouraged.

And not ONE person stopped to see if I needed help.

Looking around I considered taking my clothes off and laying on the side of the highway for relief until my husband arrived. I saw warm bottles of water in my car, rolling around on the floor, and thought about dumping them over my head.

I got out of the oven and waited in the blazing sun, hoping for a break from the heat but to no avail.

And still, no one stopped.

Eventually my husband arrived and rescued me.

Eventually my car was towed and the tire replaced.

And I got a lecture from my father about my lack of spare tire and my CAA membership not being renewed.


But I have to think of how long I sat there, a female (yes, girls can do just as much as boys but seriously, I can’t change a tire), in 36 degree weather, standing outside of my car, and not one person stopping.

That’s sad.

That’s a bit scary.

Have we lost our compassion for other human beings in poor situations?

Do we just drive by blindly now, not considering what someone else might be enduring, that they might be in trouble, that you might be the one to help them?

Are we that afraid that we will be accused, sued, filmed, shot, arrested for doing something wrong when we were just trying to help?

And we will stop helping one another out of fear or because we think we should mind our own business.

I worry.

Because I think that all of the above is true.

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