Adult Colouring Books will End Me

I was all ready to write you a little diddy and get back in the saddle.

I had a list of prompts that were going to help me on my way, my cat was by my side, and things were rollin’ down the river.

Well… now I can’t remember the password to my email.

I have guessed it so many times that I’m kicked out.

And my asshole cat is asleep and useless to me.

Delivering gold is hard, yo.

But I have missed you.

I thought about all of you over the holidays, while I was colouring.

In my adult colouring books.


And now I’m pretty sure my hand needs to be amputated because I’ve been colouring so much it’s numb and I could stick an entire pencil crayon into my wrist and not feel it.

But not the purple one.

That’s my fav.

So, as I do not do resolutions I will not resolve to write more, or spend more time in this space, but what I will say is that I prefer the pain of carpal tunnel to the pain of colouring so there really is a benefit to being here.

Oh, and you guys.

You’ve always been the cherry on top.

Also, I do not have to hide you guys from my five-year old like I do my pencil crayons.

But if I did, I know you would hide well.

And whisper.



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2 Responses to Adult Colouring Books will End Me
  1. Nic
    January 12, 2016 | 12:32 pm

    Love it!!!

  2. Lyla Jackson
    January 18, 2016 | 4:01 pm

    I’m totally in love with those colouring books too. Especially since I discovered sharpening pencil crayons with a knife. It’s lovely and soothing (as long as you aren’t feeling impulsive…). and it creates a nice long lead to colour with. I watched a youtube video to learn how.

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