Because Siblings are the Worst

Ahhh, family memories. The ones where we all sit around and reminisce about how aggressive and loud Leighann was.

How she danced insistently for attention, sang in front of any mirror, and regularly pestered her younger brother just for shits.

Well. I am here to clear this misinformation up.

Siblings are the worst.

My brother and I would fight over the T.V. and what to watch on the regular. He wanted Ninja Turtles and I wanted Jem and the Holograms. He wanted G.I. Joe and I wanted Rainbow Bright. We couldn’t agree on anything.

Mostly because he was unreasonable.

I, on the other hand, was the elder sister. Born with the utmost responsibility, compassion, and understanding.

My brothers demands for the remote and ridiculous television shows would often result in physical violence, usually brought on by his own foolishness. He refused to learn that I was the Queen of the castle and he was the annoying little brother.

These attempts at dominating his older sister would create a monster out of my brother, of course I had nothing to do with this behaviour. One time he pushed me off the couch so hard the wind was knocked right out of me. I was screaming, SCREAMING for help, but there was no sound. When the sound finally came out all I could say was that I was dead.

He had killed me and I was only lucky to have come back.

It was completely unfounded. I was an incredibly empathetic sister.

AND I had earned that remote because I was born first. I paved the way. Also, I had just came back from the dead.

We had it rough in the 80’s.

So now, as I look back in time and I think about VHS tapes, VCR’s, switching channels endlessly, and praying that your favourite show was on I am so grateful times have changed.

What would it have been like 25 years ago 15 years ago (ahem) if we were blessed with Netflix and the incredible playlists they offer for every taste.

Cartoons, action, drama fo yo mama. Netflix makes creating and watching customized playlists a breeze, allowing siblings to get along like the best of friends.


Playlists like, “The Tale of Two Distant Ages” and “Sugar and Spice” allowing children to watch shows together no matter their differences.


Siblings will be holding hands, braiding each others’ hair, and singing Kumbaya in a sweet sibling circle where they “Meet in the Middle“.


Netflix may not have solved the war between children but they’re jumping on board and making playlists for every taste, even adult siblings (Must Watch TV).


I can’t guarantee that your youngest won’t try to kill your oldest, or visa versa (however, knowing what I know about being the eldest, and how reasonable I am I do not see that happening), but I can tell you that the amazing shows on Netflix just might give you 10 minutes of quiet.

And that’s all any parent wants.

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