Turning Down Food for the Gym… Am I Drunk?

So I went to the gym today.

I pumped myself up (no pun intended… or was it?) all weekend and set a goal for myself to start.

And you know what?

I stuck to it.

I even turned down a lunch invitation in order to fulfill my goal.

And I love lunch.

I live for eating all the food.

But I said, NO! I am going to the gym today! I have made a commitment! And I went with a coworker/friend who made the initial start day less intimidating.

The gym was pretty cool. They like people of all sizes. Their walls were purple. They had massage chairs. They encourage you to try. your. best.

So of course I rocked the working out part.

I rocked the try your best part.

And I even lifted some weights… because Oprah arms.

The 45 ish minutes flew by.

And I was a sweaty poster kid for the gym.

A sweaty poster kid without a towel because I foolishly thought they supplied towels at the gym.

Isn’t it like the hotel pool?

Thank God they gave me that free t-shirt when I signed up and not a towel that I could have used to dry off, time and time again.

It wasn’t awkward peeking out from behind the shower curtain (which didn’t reach both sides of the shower stall) to make sure there was no one around while I held the t-shirt in front of me and tip toed my wet bare ass into the changing room stall.

For all I know it was crowded. I didn’t have my glasses on and I just sort of started running, like a raptor.

Everything was blurry, slippery, and I was still out of breath from the treadmill.

To be honest I think getting dressed after the shower was more of a workout.

Out of the entire experience the only thing keeping me from going back is the shower experience.

Who are you making those showers for?

5 year olds?

My left thigh fit nicely under the water while the rest of me was frightened and begging to find shelter inside the non-existent curtain.

There are things some teenagers shouldn’t see. They don’t need to know what’s going to happen to them after they have children. Not yet.

Let them dream.

So, will I go back?

Yup. Tomorrow.

But I’m bringing a towel, a shower curtain, a stylist, and a personal trainer.





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2 Responses to Turning Down Food for the Gym… Am I Drunk?
  1. Jordan
    April 26, 2016 | 5:00 pm

    Oh. My. God. I laughed and I laughed. Best post ever. Thank you so much for writing this. I needed a laugh today. AND I’m so proud of you:) This is very exciting!! Man I love you and I am so happy you fulfilled your commitment!!
    Let the choir sing☺️

  2. Carrie Baughcm
    April 29, 2016 | 5:09 am

    Good for you! Working out always makes me feel so good. I was never a fan of the gym showering thing. It is a workout getting dressed there after showering. I always felt like a sticky wet seal trying to put on clothes…akkkk but getting out and moving it does a body good! Keep it up!

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