You Want a Tattoo Where? How Netflix can Help open a Dialogue Between You and Your Kids

4 am is peak time in our house. It’s the time of the morning that our elderly cat starts the call of her people. It’s the time of morning that the fat cat begins to beg for attention and shoves her very large, unusual paws in my face.

And 4 am is the time of morning for my anxious daughter to wake up with questions that have been plaguing her all night.

Recently is was soccer queries.

“Mumma? Will I be able to bring my soccer shirt home with me after we’re done?”

“Mum? I don’t know how to play.”

“Mumma? What colour are the shirts?”

Understanding that my daughter has anxiety whenever we do something new or something she isn’t prepared for helps me curb my frustration, even at 4 am.

And… I’ve probably been up thinking the whole night too.

What will I wear tomorrow? 

What if my car breaks down on the way to work?

I should go over our budget one more time.

After a good cry the whole way to soccer, a pep talk, and taking her invisible brother and sister onto the field with her she ended up nailing the soccer game and stopped 3 goals while she played goalie!

*boast, boast, brag, brag.


But as I type this I know there will be MANY more nights and days filled with anxiety, questions, and problem solving.

As she gets older the questions will get tougher and the answers more complex.

But I can begin those conversations and open those doors with the help of Netflix.

They offer amazing programs and series that shed light on the difficult topics and assist in beginning a dialogue with your children surrounding inclusion, empowerment, communication, and problem solving.

Just a few incredible shows:

netflix the hive

netflix mc

netflix fuller


And some for the older crowd….

netflix the fosters


netflix glee

Just watching these shows with your family is fun.

Let me know which ones you’re watching now so I can add new ones to our list!!


I am a member of the Netflix Stream Team and receive compensation for my participation, however, all opinions expressed are my own… but you already knew that! 

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