Yes My House Does Look Like This – No I Don’t Care!

Recently, while in the midst of kitchen renovations, bathroom renovations, ceiling renovations (why didn’t we burn the house down?) a friend of my husbands came over.

Note: I was not home… Lawd a Mercy he is lucky.

It was the picture of perfection. Four laundry baskets in my living room, a barbie bathing pool in the middle of my kitchen, tools on my table, random supplies required for each project on whatever surface was available, etc, etc, etc.

My husbands friend, who had come by for no other reason than to see how the work was going, walked in and said, “huh… does your house always look like this? I mean… I can’t imagine you live like this.”

*Side eye…

I must be losing my hearing because I could have sworn you just said…

Yup. He did.

As I type this I sigh. A heavy sigh. One that can be heard from my house straight across to the neighbours because I look around now at my finished home and I think… ha… that wasn’t fun at all. Nope in no way am I going to look back on that experience ever and laugh about it.

And, in the moment when it was happening, when my husbands “friend” came over, it wasn’t fun either.

We knew this. We openly stated this to friends, family, and random strangers.

We were miserable throughout the renovation process.

From start to finish our entire lives were upside down. Inside out. We had no kitchen, no counter tops, no sink, no water, no stove for months!

But please… come in my home and tell me how awful it looks.

The laundry piled up, the tools everywhere, the barbies taking a swim in a bucket in the middle of the kitchen floor.

Here’s the thing about completing a reno project while you both work full time and one of you (husband) works in the custom tile and renovation field; no one wants to do reno’s when they get home.

We are tired, people.

We wake up, get our six year old excited about the day in the form of song and dance, manipulate her into eating her breakfast, brushing her teeth and hair, getting her self dressed, and packing her damn book bag, all while we get ourselves reasonably dressed for the day.

Did I put on deodorant? I don’t know!

We work our asses off at work, with our only down time being our drives to and from.

That’s a lie. My husband has no down time because he has to maneuver himself on the roadways and stay alert due to his tires being so bald they may throw him into the ditch at a moments notice.

Look alive, Hun!!

And I have to practice my Christmas carols and show tunes so that when I audition for Broadway I’m on point.

When we come home it’s dinner, homework, clean up, bath, practice spelling, crafts, survival, crying alone in the bathroom, and laundry.

If we had time to renovate every day we would!

And yes! My house DOES look like this! Barbie baths in the middle of the kitchen floor keeps her little paws busy and happy.

If I have learned anything in my 36 years 27 years on this planet it is this; do not judge another person’s situation until you walk in their shoes. You do not know their life, their situation, or their backstory and you have no idea what they are going through.

Don’t come over to my house throwin’ shade cause my sun is big and bright.

It’s warm in here.

And we like our barbie pool right where it is.

Thank you very much.




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