Promoting Strong Female Leads with Netflix

When I became a mother I knew I wanted to provide a safe and fun home for my child but I hadn’t given much thought to the pressures of society, gender roles, what being a parent meant, or how my thoughts, actions, and self doubts played a role in who my would child become.

When the realization hits you that there is a teachable moment in almost everything it can be quite daunting.

As a parent, what do you do with the information filtering in and out of your young childs mind every minute of the day? From social media to television, from friends, to well-meaning strangers who aren’t on the same parenting wave length as you.

Raising an adult is no small feat. We are reminded daily of our faults as parents, compared to each other, and often judged for decisions we make based on what we feel is best for our children.

And my daughter?

She is one fierce child.

But I am in no way complaining.

I am purposeful in my parenting, especially as I become more aware, and as she gets older. I watch her look up to strong female leads, speak up when she is uncertain, discuss injustices, and blossom into someone who will promote change.

She gravitates towards shows like, Project Mc2 on Netflix, where the girls are solving mysteries, Lego Friends, which promotes friendship between girls, inclusion, and adventure, and Winx Club, a group of butt kicking super heroes!

I’m beyond happy to see strong women and their roles being promoted to children. I want my daughter to see me break through glass ceilings, do what men were typically only encouraged to, and stand up for human rights.

And I’m proud that Netflix is promoting regular series’ that do as well.

Shows like A Series of Unfortunate Events which casts a smart young girl, shown inventing, creating, and solving mysteries are what I am happy to see popping up on my screen.

What do your children watch?

What would you like to see more of on Netflix?

Let me know, I love hearing from you.



I am a Netflix ambassador but all opinions are my own. 

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