Netflix Prompts – So Your Kids Will Finally Watch Those 90s Movies With You!

I love to see an old show pop up on Netflix that I used to watch when I was a teen.

The memories come flooding back and I inundate my daughter with quotes, bits of information, and trivia from my favorites.

Que her eye rolls.

I couldn’t wait to introduce her to The Muppets, Ace Ventura Pet Detective, and Star Wars.

But my pleas to watch were unanswered.

Or perhaps she couldn’t hear me over My Little Pony where she learns about the importance of friendship and honesty.

This is a colorful cartoon filled with humor and touching moments that my daughter connects with.

After some persuasion, a lot of discussion, and then just turning it on to watch myself, I finally got my little sceptic to watch some of my favs with me.

And now she’s gone from refusing to watch The Muppets to a die-hard fan.

From never wanting to watch a movie from my childhood to us laughing all the way through Ace Ventura, Pet Detective.

I am so excited about her growing up and sliding into this next stage.

About watching movies and series’ with her.

And about discussing what we watch.

The series’ on Netflix can open up such an incredible dialogue for you and your children.


Not sure how to get your kids on board to watch a show with you?

Netflix has created an incredible prompt to help.

And parents..

I am watching a newly released show called Atypical.

It’s about a young man on the spectrum who is going to give dating a try.

What I love about this show is that it’s from his point of view.

We hear his thoughts, how his brain works, his struggles, and as an aside, how his family struggles.

It’s an eye opener and an incredible series.

Now, before you go, what shows are you watching? What shows or movies are you watching with your kids?

Would you like to see anything added?

Let me know!



I am a Netflix affiliate. All opinions are my own.

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