When I had my daughter I never dreamed I would love anyone the way that I did her.

There were no books, websites, or parenting classes that could prepare me, a new mother, for the overwhelming feelings and rush of emotions that took over.

I also wasn’t prepared for Post Partum Depression.

A lonely, dark presence that loomed, draping its heavy arms over my shoulders and digging its fingers into my arms.

Becoming part of my everyday.

Pulling me deeper into the shadows.

Further away from my family and my baby.

I found blogging on my way to recovery.

I found writing therapeutic.

The community of bloggers, PPD survivors, and women who were still fighting, gave me strength to go one more day.

I fought.

I won.

Now I blog to help others.

To educate others about PPD, about depression, and to advocate for those who do not have a voice.

I blog for me.

This is my space and I love it here.

Thank you for being apart of it.

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