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Is it January yet?

This week we’ve been getting reports of our little miss not listening in class or at her after school program. At first I was all NO SHE DI’INT. And then I had a look around at the stores, the snow, the decorations, the tree in our living room, the Elf on the shelf, and remembered…

Why we do Elf on the Shelf

  BECAUSE IT’S FUN Related Posts:He’s Back!And then it was over…When They Want to Decorate… Drink

Loving Las Vegas

Sunday we returned from Vegas, the city that doesn’t sleep. It was an incredible three days filled with blisters, flashing lights, sirens, honking horns, and boobs (not mine). I had won the trip through Cineplex and was so grateful for the chance to go back and experience the lights, sounds, beauty, and buildings all over…

When They Want to Decorate… Drink

As the boxes made their way into the house her squeals of excitement escalated. We had promised her that today we would decorate and she did not forget. Yes, decorate. In November. For Christmas. Falalalalalala. Little hands pawed all through the packages that I had so neatly packed away the year before and I could…

Better than Christmas

The streets were glowing with the light¬†reflecting off of them as the rain drizzled down, threatening to end what had been deemed, in our house, the most exciting day of the year. She told me it was more exciting than Christmas. We’ll see when Christmas comes. I was woken that morning at 5:30 am with…

Minted. All You Need in One Site

Around October I start to panic about our Christmas cards. Where will I go for them, who will I order from, who has the best prices? I look for great pictures on my phone and search for the best designs all over the internet. And then it snowballs from there. Teacher gifts, neighbours gifts, daycare…

Happy Easter

Happy Easter, friends! We’re preparing for a busy weekend here. Hope you have a great holiday. Enjoy your weekend. Related Posts:The Magic of EasterchristmasBunnies, Jesus, and Food Poisoning A1 Christmas

Happy Holidays

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Wonderful New Year! xo Related Posts:Again!!Is it January yet? Loving Las Vegas

Defending Elf on the Shelf

This year I have noticed a lot of “Elf on the Shelf” bashing on social media sites and feel like my little buddy Elf won’t feel welcomed when he makes his arrival. Some say he is creepy, others mention that the pictures of him in different spots become overwhelming, and then others think that his…

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