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GAH… the snow

Snow. There’s so much of it. I like snow, generally, and enjoy the beautiful white fluffs that hang off of the trees. I love to look out the window at the twinkling layers across my lawn, the sheets of white covering the fields, and the ice coming down from the peeks of the house. But…

An Open Letter to Food

Dearest Food, I remember a time when you and I would sit together on the couch and take our time going over your scent, your textures, your size (ahem).  We would laugh together, and cry, depending on the show, and you would settle nicely into my palm ready to fill my mouth with the sweetest…

iPPP – Soaking in the Moments

This week we are getting back into routine after our holidays We are gardening, playing, and enjoying the sun. We are picking flowers when we’ve been asked not to. And we are soaking in the moments… all of them, because they go by so fast. Related Posts:Fall in the ParkUnderneath the SunflowersAnd then it was…

The Magic of Easterchristmas

The Easter Bunny has come, and left our daughter to collect everything around our living room beyond Easter Sunday and colourful chocolates. She’s now pocketing small change and video games that have been left out. This year she had to be reminded that it was Easter and there was a bunny who brought eggs and…

I Won’t Shank You……Today.

“You’ve been awfully quiet lately Leighann, are you sure everything’s okay?” Her concern was genuine and from the heart. My co-worker is sweet. But I don’t confide in co-workers. “I’m fine, thank you for asking.” I plastered a fake smile across my face and tried to force the lines of exhaustion off of my face….

Fall in the Park

  Sand is best underneath your fingernails   Running is the only way to get anywhere     Boots get in the way of serious playtime   Love fits on a slide perfectly      Related Posts:Underneath the SunflowersAnd then it was over…I Saw Your Bum

Treasures Like This

In 1973, on their wedding day, my parents received a gift from my great grandmother. In 2012 it was passed to us.       Related Posts:iPPP – Soaking in the MomentsFall in the ParkAnd Then… There She Was

Holding Hands…Holding our Breath

This past weekend we attended a wedding Through teary eyes we held tightly onto each other’s hands as the bride walked toward her groom. We didn’t have to look at each other to know what the other was thinking. Very soon that couple would be us.     Related Posts:Off to the Show…The Wedding Show!!Wedding…

Underneath the Sunflowers

    I want to dance among the sunflowers Darting in and out between the leaves I will hide underneath their yellow glow and dream of far off places Come sit with me among the sunflowers And let their joy wash over you   Related Posts:Fall in the ParkAnd then it was over…I Saw Your Bum