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My Lobster

Slam. The door shuts and I walk away. How easy it would be just to ignore him for the rest of the day. Month. Year. How quickly could I shut the door on my emotions, build a wall, close the window on how I feel. Easier said than done I suppose. But those aren’t things I…

Anniversary Love… Even through the Gulping

I could see him going for a second gulp of his glass and my spine straightened. WHY did he have to drink so loud. Why the gulping? Looking around the room I saw the clothes left by the front door, because where else would you put socks when you come in from outside and your…

The Fight is ON

Sitting side by side, four days away from our one year anniversary, we looked out at our daughter playing on her swing set and then back at each other. The words sat on the tip of my tongue but were so hard to get out. But he knows me so well. “What’s wrong?” I had…

40 Years

On Saturday we threw a party. A very special party! My parents celebrated 40 years of marriage. That’s 40 years of I love you’s, clenched jaws, held hands, tears of joy and tears of sadness. 40 years of socks on the floor, driving frustrations, and sweet family memories. They tell me its been work. But…

Real Valentintes

Happy Valentines Day. I’m feeling the love in my house with some sweet valentines that truly express how my husband feels about me.       Pin It Thank you for SharingRelated Posts:The Young Lovers VS The Married CoupleIs There Therapy for Hamsters?Netflix is our Valentine

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Lesson For Husbands

Me: Let’s go to the mall. B: If we go to the mall I’m getting a new sweater. Me: No, you have enough clothes. If anyone needs new clothes it’s me because mine are shrinking and I have no idea how this keeps happening. My clothes fit fine before, our washing machine must be broken….

The Other Half of Mental Illness

When you have a mental illness it doesn’t just affect you. It affects everyone around you; your husband or significant other, your children, your parents, in-laws, friends, and your co-workers. Even if they don’t know. Right from the beginning, when the illness begins to pull its victim into the depth of its looming sadness and…

The Young Lovers VS The Married Couple

Thank you for SharingRelated Posts:Real ValentintesThe Other Half of Mental IllnessIs There Therapy for Hamsters?

One Day on your Birthday

When I was young I used to curl up with my mom, finding comfort in her soft lap, mommy perfume, and gentle strokes through my hair from her long finger nails. We would whisper and giggle while I pressed her heart shaped necklace into her skin, making a perfect heart shaped indent. As I grew…