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Wedding Favourites

Today feels like a good day to share photos! Enjoy some of my favourites  from our wedding.   All Photo’s taken by Tracey Clarke Photography Thank you for SharingRelated Posts:Fall in the ParkMrs. Adams Holding Hands…Holding our Breath

Fall in the Park

  Sand is best underneath your fingernails   Running is the only way to get anywhere     Boots get in the way of serious playtime   Love fits on a slide perfectly      Thank you for SharingRelated Posts:Underneath the SunflowersAnd then it was over…I Saw Your Bum

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays my friends! Enjoy every second with your families and your friends. I will be doing the same.     *Photo’s by Tracey Clarke Photography. Thank you for SharingRelated Posts:Hugging StrangersHoliday Treats can’t be Beat with Netflix!Happy Holidays

Hugging Strangers

I love the holidays. Like, overly giddy, jump up and down, spin around in the aisles with my arms outstretched, hugging strangers love. I gush over the colour coordinated lights, holiday music, and rush of shoppers struggling to open their car doors without putting their bags down. My face lights up brighter than most toddlers…

Mom’s Like Me!

Gorgeous fruits and vegetables fill the stands at the orchard. Begging to be plucked up and admired. Held and caressed in preparation for a delicious desert made from scratch. The ingredients pulled from memory while the kids play in the hay and watch the animals at the barn. I says pardon? This mom doesn’t even…

When Fall Arrives

Brisk air welcomes us as we leave the house bundled in warm sweaters, long pants, and hats. The trees glow bright with golden leaves that float gently to the ground, begging to be piled high and enjoyed. Pumpkins and cornstalks line driveways and front steps promising Halloween costumes and sugary treats. Fall has arrived.  …