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Where Fashion has Taken Me….

Last week I showed you all the reason I’m in therapy. Tights. I was encouraged by all of the comments left for me to be strong! To keep looking for that perfect sweater, maybe a belt, and if I’m lucky perhaps a pair of boots! Check out my vlog to see where fashion has taken…

Fashion Trend Setter!

I know you all think I am a serious contributor on the runway! I know. BUT.. I have news. I cannot wear every fashion trend. *GASP* It’s true. I’ll tell you all about it in my vlog. Related Posts:Where Fashion has Taken Me…. My Halloween SecretInterview with a Celebrity!

My Halloween Secret

Halloween has been stressful. Why? Because I have been keeping a secret. It’s time to come clean. Related Posts:Where Fashion has Taken Me…. Fashion Trend Setter!Interview with a Celebrity!

If You Don’t Read… I’ll Know!

For Vlog Talk this week I created an Elevator Pitch about my blog. There’s no music because every program on the planet has refused downloading of mp3’s and the enjoyment of singing. I think you will still find my pitch lovable.   Related Posts:Where Fashion has Taken Me…. Fashion Trend Setter!My Halloween Secret

Interview with a Celebrity!

Fer Reals! I am interviewing a celeb! I’m fighting back poparazzi up in here. ch..ch…check it…     Related Posts:A lot of MeWhere Fashion has Taken Me…. Fashion Trend Setter!

So? You Think You Can Dance?

I’m uncomfortable today. I do not feel right about what is about to be displayed through this video. Watch at your own discretion.     Related Posts:The Bedtime DanceWhere Fashion has Taken Me…. Fashion Trend Setter!

Over the Rainbow in Love (with the weekend)

The long weekend is over… I know. But I am still thinking about it. I loved it. We played, we slept, we picked apples and met animal friends. We explored and went on new adventures. Le Sigh. I love you weekend.     Related Posts:A Toddlers PickGrateful for GrandsSummer has been F-U-N

What? YOUR 16 Month Old Can’t Read?

My child is staring on the blog today! She’s a genius! So for Vlog Talk I’m showcasing her talent!!         Related Posts:ToddlerismsA1 ChristmasThe Heart Wants What The Heart Wants

A lot of Me

  I’m jumping back in to Vlog Talk this week for their prompt “What your mirror sees first thing in the morning.” Nothing but HAWTNESS yo! Related Posts:Interview with a Celebrity!Where Fashion has Taken Me…. Fashion Trend Setter!