Minted. All You Need in One Site

Around October I start to panic about our Christmas cards. Where will I go for them, who will I order from, who has the best prices? I look for great pictures on my phone and search for the best designs all over the internet.

And then it snowballs from there.

Teacher gifts, neighbours gifts, daycare presents.

What can I get done early?

Stumbling upon Minted I found all of that in one quick site.

Have you been?

Minted is a fully custom, quality design site that will allow you to choose from your favourite custom designs, order with ease, and then have it shipped to your home.

They have more options than you can imagine.


I was amazed with their Christmas card options as well as their art prints all perfect for what I was looking for and at the right price.


They also offer weddings, baby’s and kids, birth announcements, stationery, free samples, and more!


And the teacher gifts? Exactly what I was looking for.


Custom calendars, magnets, address books, photo gifts, birthday party invitations and plenty of other options that will make friends and family swoon over your photo’s.


This holiday season don’t waste a minute searching for the perfect gift. Minted is where it’s at!

Be sure to check them out.

Their exceptional quality, free samples and free addressing will have you hooked!


I was compensated for the above post. All opinions are my own.

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