Remember This…This is You

What’s that under your frown?
A smile that used to light up a room.
A laugh that used to be contagious.

Tell me a story about the time you had the most fun.
Don’t leave out the good stuff.
I want to see your frown fade and the spark you have inside come alive.
I want to hear you giggle until a tear comes down your cheek.
Your head tilting back, hands clapping with joy.

Let your extrovert out and get louder than loud
Spin circles because the feeling of happiness is freeing and it’s been so long since you’ve felt your heart soar.
Hold my hand and come with me, ice cream for supper, sprinkles on top.

Look at that smile, look in the mirror.
Crinkles next to your eyes, heart full, cheeks rosy.
Remember this.
This is you.


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