Eliminating the Strain from Vacuuming

Sucking Up: Eliminating the Strain From Vacuuming

Nobody likes vacuuming. True, it munches calories and tones your arms, but it’s also dirty, sweaty, and so noisy it drowns out the television, your favourite cleaning playlist and most coherent thoughts. It’s time to make hoovering a choice, not a chore, instead of letting your vacuum cleaner laze around in the cupboard gathering dust (ahem). Read on for a few little tips to embrace cleaner carpets, without losing your rag.

Put your feet up

Go on, relax. Make a cup of tea and do the vacuuming while settling into your favourite book. You can if you have chosen to buy a robotic vacuum cleaner like the iRobot Roomba. These nifty little guys are simple to operate. Unlike traditional hoovers, they’re spherical and lack a handle. Just dig him out of the cupboard, pop onto any floor surface, and let him graze for dust bunnies, hair, crumbs and other unsightly debris. The Roomba even docks and recharges himself, and gives you a heads up when it’s time to empty his bag. You’ll assign your new Roomba a gender, a personality, and possibly even a name. It’s only a matter of time.

Prevention is better than cure

It’s so much easier to keep your carpets clean if you operate a strict no shoes, no sandals, no wellies and no moon-boots policy. Give visitors a subtle-as-a-sledgehammer clue to remove footwear with a well-placed shoe rack at the door. If this fails, elaborate your gentle hint with the addition of a sign. Keep slippers by on hand and deploy indiscriminately. You’ll soon find that the hoovering has become a fortnightly task rather than a weekly one.

Hack your vac

Lost a piece of priceless jewellery? Rather than run the risk of having to pick through chunks of dusty hair to retrieve that errant earring from the hoover bag, there’s a much simpler solution. Cut the leg off a pair of old tights and slip over the nozzle of your vacuum cleaner, then drag over the carpet to pick up your lost trinket. Got a dusty keyboard? Get into all the under-letter nooks and crannies with a mustard bottle top, the nozzle’s the perfect size for running between the gaps!

Hoovering needn’t be a hassle, and taking heed of this advice might just lighten the load. Spotlessly clean carpets aren’t just great to look at, they’re also free from nasty little critters like dust mites which can cause allergens and irritate respiratory problems. You wouldn’t want them nibbling your toes, now, would you!

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