Netflix Social Experiment… Teens

Every day, after I pick up my daughter from school, I ask her how her day was.

I get creative because I know that this type of closed ended question can lead to answers like, “fine,” “good,” “okay.”

So I ask her what songs they sang, what games she played at recess, who she hung out with, what her favourite part of her lunch was.

Sometimes I ask her what colour her teachers shirt was that day, who her lunch helpers were, or what the announcements were.

Not because I am obsessed with mundane details but because I want to open a dialogue.

I know that asking her simple questions will lead to her telling me more about her day, asking me questions, and ultimately opening up a conversation lead by her.

But my daughter is not yet a teenager.

I am very aware of the changes that will occur when she is so I am attempting to create a foundation of communication, honesty, and trust now with the hopes that I might assist her once the flood of hormones, confusion, social pressures, and girl drama begins.

But in the back of my mind I continue to remind myself that she will be a teenager.

Teenagers often pull away from their parents and confide in their friends or no one at all.

They don’t seek advice or assistance from the people who have the answers or can get them, and they have to learn from their mistakes.

While their parents are over here waving their arms begging for information on their lives, their feelings, or any struggles they might be facing.

Cue Netflix.


Yes, Netflix.

Enjoying a series with your teen or child, either with them or separately, and then discussing it can open a dialogue with your teen. Sharing an interest in a show is a non intrusive, safe way to open lines of communication on various topics for parents and teens.

The video below from Netflix is an incredible social experiment and gives you a look into parents who wanted to communicate more with their teens. After watching the same series as their teens they were able to discuss the topics with them and open a dialogue from there.

This experiment is very well done and got me right in the mom heart.


What will you watch?



I am a Netflix affiliate. All opinions are my own.

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