Rainy Summer Nights are Saved by Netflix Download Option!

The past weekend we packed our bags and headed to our family cottage for a three-day mini vacation.

We threw all of the bags into the vehicle, most of the garage, and three blocks of cheese because, you never know, and we made the three-hour drive to spend a weekend with my entire family; brothers, sister-in-law, parents, husband, daughter, and two dogs.


Zero internet.

Did you pack all of the alcohol?

Did you pack the ear plugs?

Are you sure you want to stay the whole weekend?

ok… yes, it’ll be great.

And then…

Hottest night ever.

Cue thunderstorms.

Beautiful to watch but when your child is seven and there is nothing to do and she is “sooooo boooorrreeeddd” what do you do?

Play all of the board games.

Read all of the books.

And then?

Praise Netflix for their new download feature so that on rainy evenings we could be prepared and have movies and shows downloaded for our daughter.

We prepared by having her favourite items like The Magic School Bus, Ricki, Nikki, Dicki, and Dawn, and The Adventures of Puss in Boots.

And for the adults?

I made sure to download a few shows to watch in the evenings such as Gypsy, The Mindy Project, and Orange is the New Black.

Netflix’s new download feature allows cottage and trailer lovers to enjoy all the luxuries of cool summer nights sans internet. Also, their new WIFI hot spots located in cottage country allow you to download while traveling.

Check Netflix for downloading sites near you.

I’m always looking for new shows and movies to add to my download list so be sure to let me know what you or your kids are watching!!

Leave a comment here or in Facebook for your chance to be featured in an upcoming post.



I am a Netflix affiliate, all opinions are my own


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