Solving Night Time Stalls with Netflix

Most nights, at our house, bedtime runs smoothly. We give the 15 minute warning, we remind at the 5 minute and then it’s time to go and pick out a book.

Pj’s are put on prior to the witching hour and every one is calming down.

Off to bed you go, my love. It’s 7:30 and Mumma is all done.

But, there are the nights that don’t run like that.

The ones where you can see the long road of hell ahead of you and the glimmer of yourself as a child in your daughters eyes and you wonder why? Why at this hour is it all coming back to haunt you?

You take a deep breath because you’re going to need patience and you really want to eat that hidden chocolate bar.

Giggling followed by cries of “I’m not tired” bounce off the walls and you do your best to re-direct, reminding your cherished treasures that bedtime is for growing, re-charging, and giving their brains a rest.


But they’re building an army against you.

They want food, crafts, and more to drink.

Her back is itchy, she wants to know what you packed in her lunch for school, she has a tummy ache.

They have to go to the bathroom fifiteen times, they’re afraid of the dark all of a sudden, and they didn’t get to watch enough T.V.

Well… guess what?

Netflix has a little trick up their sleeve.

Five minute shows! So now you can tell them they CAN watch one more… just five more minutes… and then off they go to bed!


They get their five more minutes and you regain your sanity.


Nighty night little ones.

Hello chocolate bar!




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