A Letter To My Younger Self – #Streamteam

This month Netflix has released some amazing new shows and we are reminiscing with some old revivals. Shows like Jessica Jones, Chelsea Handler, The Crown, Orange is the New Black, and of course, Gilmore Girls.

All strong female leads, empowering story lines, and inspiring characters.

If you could go back in time and inspire yourself to be stronger, think bigger, be more confident would you? What would you say to yourself? Would you encourage yourself to be bold like Chelsea Handler? Would you build a strong relationship in places you had missed out? Would you stand tall in the face of adversity where previously maybe you had not?

This month I am writing a letter to my younger self. It’s timely as I’ve just taken on a new journey to wellness and it’s not easy. It’s so hard because I’m committed and I’m uncomfortable. But I’m doing it.

Dear Leighann:

At this young point in your life you have no idea why you have faced the challenges you have. You are bitter, angry, and confuse sarcasm with true humour. You hide behind your laughter in order to shield your true feelings and have difficulty seeing your true potential.

You have incredible reach. You will soon see that your voice, your writing, and your experiences will help people. You will connect with others who have gone through what you have (and will go through) and that you have purpose.

Your confidence will shine through your body language, your face, and they way you speak and you will find your niche. Dig inside of yourself, work on your passion, and never stop learning.

My advice for you: smile with your whole face, love with your whole heart, compliment truthfully, hug with all your might, and be grateful for what you have. Everyone stumbles upon challenges but it’s how you face them that makes you a warrior.

I am proud of who you are. I am proud of who you become.



What would you say in a letter to your younger self? I encourage you to try.




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