Ya’ll Ready for This? Year 3 #StreamTeam

By this time each year I’m usually just finishing up my last box of chocolates from Santa and promising myself I’ll start exercising tomorrow.

Or the next day.

I have every excuse in the book to not go on the treadmill, eat anything healthy, wear my running shoes, get off the couch, go outside, breathe fresh air…

Whoa, that escalated quickly.

I would like to live life like a turtle.

That is my preference.

But, because I am not an reptile and was born a human I have to accept that movement, fresh air, and healthy living is crucial to my survival (in small doses, people).

This is why Netflix gets me.

Instead of creating resolutions that you’ll just watch go down the toilet, make some that you’ll stick to, and enjoy!


Now this is something I can do… I don’t even need to leave my home. Just give me a book or the Netflix remote and I am good.


Chandler, Monica, Rachel? OH, you mean my real life friends? Yes, I would like to see them too.


I adore my family and the time I spend with them but this one I might tweak a bit to say “hide in bathroom.”

I am honoured to be chosen to spend another year with Netflix Canada and to bring you updates, new releases, great movies, and amazing programming that we’ve come to expect from Netflix.

netflix vip

I can’t wait to share what this year has in store!

Stay tuned!!

And in the meantime enjoy some of these great shows.




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