Anniversary Love… Even through the Gulping

I could see him going for a second gulp of his glass and my spine straightened. WHY did he have to drink so loud.

Why the gulping?

Looking around the room I saw the clothes left by the front door, because where else would you put socks when you come in from outside and your feet are soaked? I saw dishes piled high in the sink and wished upon a star that they were from a gourmet meal that had been cooked just for me and that a tiny fairy was going to come down and clean them all before I blinked next, but no, that wasn’t happening.

I could see all of the messes, feel all of the frustration, and wanted to scream as loud as the screams would go.

But then I remembered something my friend had recently told me.

She told me to be grateful, she said I was a fortunate woman.

Yeah, there are messes, there is gulping, farting, burping, and hair that clogs sinks.

There are days I want to claw my own eyes out because I’m certain I’ve said the same damn thing fifteen times to a person who is the same age as me.

But I’m pretty lucky.

I have a husband who loves me unconditionally, tells me I’m beautiful, hugs me for no reason, says “I love you” every day, takes excellent care of our child, and believes in me.

He’s seen me through hell and back and never left my side.

Seen me through thick and thin (and that’s just my weight) and still sticks around to share my next chocolate bar.

This man, who can’t seem to find the laundry basket, empty a dishwasher, or straighten a bed, knows the right things to say, when I need a break, and how to calm me down.

He’s my lobster.

My one and only.

And I’m one lucky girl.

Happy Anniversary, my love.

Gulp away.

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