Starting Summer off with Netflix

Summer has officially begun. I wrapped up my first week of holidays yesterday and headed back to work today and am starting the count down for my next week in August.

We are cramming as much fun as possible into 8 weeks of school vacation, sun, and lazy days.

Of course, summer holidays would not be complete without an awesome line up from Netflix!

We were very lucky this year and at the beginning of June were invited to attend a Netflix Kids Summer Preview Event where we were among several of the first Canadians to preview this summer’s line up of kids titles including; Voltron: Legendary Defender and the new season of Dragons: Race to the Edge.

Because the event was three hours away from our home we decided to make it one of our first summer getaways and stay over in Ottawa where the event took place.

To say we had fun is an understatement.

The venue was decked out in comfortable couches, pillows, bean bag chairs, and tables all in the customary black, red and white Netflix colours.

There were iPads on each table for the kids to use, pencil crayons and colouring pages to keep them occupied, a candy bar, and a photo booth for us bloggers!


Once we all got situated and acquainted we were introduced to the new show that would be coming this summer to Netflix, Voltron: Legendary Defender. This 1984 remake had us glued to the screen and biting our nails as the suspense unfolded. Even my daughter, a princess lover till the end, enjoyed this show.


We then watched an all time favourite of ours, Dragons: Race to the Edge. This series always makes us laugh and we were so happy to see it back on Netflix. All of your friends and ours are back for more antics and will have you giggling like we were.


At the end of the event, a lot of candy, and not enough Netflix we asked our daughter which show was her favourite and her response?


That’s right..

Her ol’ pal Toothless from Dragons.


This was an incredible event that allowed us to meet amazing people, watch brand new shows, and pig out on some seriously great food.

We are starting summer off right! Netflix events, candy bars, family trips, and fun.

Don’t miss out!

These shows are ready for you to watch right now!!


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