Ready for Camp? Let Mabel’s Labels Help!

Summer holidays are quickly approaching and I only just figured out what we were going to do for camp and daycare for our daughter.

With all of that scrambling around, figuring out dates for my own holidays, discussing travel arrangements with grandparents, and ensuring we had the summer covered I was happy to have finally organized the two months she would be away from school.

It’s not easy arranging all of those days and keeping track of the weekend activities.

And getting your child ready to leave?

Don’t even.

Is your bag packed? Do you have underwear? Don’t forget your toothbrush! Yes you have to take it! No you can’t take all of that candy.

It’s a whirlwind, your head spins around backwards, and your sweat in places you didn’t know you could sweat.

And, before now, most of the things they took, never came back.

They were mixed in with their friends clothes, other kids’ water bottles, and piles on the floor. And if your child is anything like mine they have no clue what their stuff looks like.

WELL… Mabel’s Labels has your problems solved!!

Their labels stick to all fabrics and textures and are dishwasher and washing machine safe.




Mabel’s Labels thought about all ages when they created their designs and continue to add more regularly!

Follow them on Facebook and Twitter to see what they’re coming up with next!!


When you order you customize the labels yourself, along with the font and image in a very easy step by step process.

When the Mabel’s Labels arrive they come quickly and in a very convenient flip book making label applying quick and easy.

It’s actually kind of fun.

The labels are durable, adorable, and easy to remove if necessary.

And? No more lost and found!

But the best part?

Mabel’s Labels and I are giving you the chance to WIN and try some out for yourself!!



Just fill out the required information below and you are ON. YOUR. WAY!

Good luck!

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Open Internationally

I was provided a Sleepaway Camp Label Pack in partnership with Mabel’s Labels. All opinions are my own. But you already knew that.

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