Let the Panic Begin

I sat, clicking the pen over and over until the clicks blended into one another and became a distant hum to my thoughts.

What would I do now?

I had cleaned the kitchen, done laundry, cleaned the bedrooms, and written in my journal.

My daughter was sleeping and showed no signs of waking up.


I knew what I wanted to do and stared longingly at the black laptop sitting on the wooden truck in our living room.

Its cover shined on just the right angle, begging me to test it one more time.

But I knew it would be no use.

It was broken.

I had no idea how much I relied on my computer until it stopped working.

I frantically tried to revive it, I called out to it, I even tried to make a deal with it if it would work just one more time but nothing worked.

Now all of my pictures and files were being held hostage.

And the bright glimmer of lies taunted me.

I wanted to email the computer guy again and ask why he hadn’t gotten back to me.

Didn’t he realize this was serious?

A blogger without her laptop!!

I took a deep breath and dug out my phone.

My safety net.

My computer for the next three weeks until I can get my computer fixed.

Send alcohol….

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